I guarantee by the end of 2013, we would have heard of a number of cases where Black people have been shot or murdered by police, or by another white person who was terrified at the presence of Black skin.  These incidents continue to plague the sick psyche of america, and Black people continue to be unable to respond to the constant attacks that vilify and damage our ability to function as normal people in a so called developed and modern society.

The ghosts and psychotic racist mind set of those mobs who hung and lynched Black people in open squares and cheered on their murderous rampage against us, are still lingering.  Where did those crazy, sick neanderthals go?  Did they disappear or were they finally civilized by the human struggle of Black people? No, they are still here, lingering in the dusty shadows of  “Stand your ground” laws, still lingering in the odorous stink of police brutality, and they exist in the daily routine of white people just being white.  Because after all, their pathology is what we are exposed to on a daily basis, we have no idea as to why we continue to try and make them human, when it appears they are incapable.  And when I say they, I’m not talking about those ‘good’ white folks, I’m talking about those white people who accept their internalized racism, their diseased and malfunctioning humanity.  Those good white folk somehow have managed to over come their inheritance of such ideals.  But they are far and few in between, because it only takes digging deeply into the mind of white privilige to see that its a very hard disease to rid one self of.

The consistent bi-polar relationship that Black people continue to have with america, is one that is like a co dependent wife, who is being brutally beaten by her husband, yet she continues to stay in the relationship because, she either loves him or is unable to break away and start a new life elsewhere.  She is usually stuck, dependent on him, and unequipped with vital support to help her out of it.  So she remains, until he has broken every bone in her body or he kills her.  Our co-dependent relationship with america, continues to show we are the brutalized wife, despite our protests, despite our calls for justice, despite our calls to 911, we are told to just  hold on…

Meanwhile we’re trying as hard as we can as Black people to be civil, to be patient, to wait for that line to be taken and given the proper justice and attention that is required, but before that can happen, we are brutalized again, in some city, some state, some local apparatus that gains national attention and by then its too late. Once the police get involved, its certainly a botched case. Details are left out, careful attention to the crime scene is disposed of, and careful analysis of the racial intent is ignored.  Because after all, white people’s rights have to be acknowledged no matter how many Black people they slain without provocation.  The likes of Renisha McBride, one of the latest names in a long, flowing list of names of African Americans whose life was taken by the racist psychopath of white american ritual, joins the ranks of lives who will probably receive no justice.

There are no laws to ensure Black rights or that our existence is somehow protected under the Constitution.  The Constitution continues to be a document that protects and promotes white people over others, and discounts its creed of providing ‘freedom’ for its citizens, is really a piece of toilet paper for white people to use when its convenient.  For us the Constitution remains an illusive piece of paper, like the dollar, so illusive, because we don’t own it, we don’t control it and it has never brought us the fortune we deserved.  Black life ain’t shit in america, and no matter how they try to frame it, and keep pushing back our legal rights to exist in this country, we are constantly reminded that america, the racial experiment it continues to be is a powder keg, testing the boundaries of Black patience.  Since we have less in guns, artillery and capital, we stand to lose should we ‘rise up’ against the burdensome beast of racism that remains at the heart of american life.

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