As I scour the social media platform, I am amazed at the amount of whites going to and putting their presence on the African continent.  Their presence in Africa has always been one of agitation, but now they are welcomed as visitors, investors and even expats.  This welcoming part remains confusing since many Black Africans are not very welcomed in European countries.  America while a vast network of competing nationalities is also not an open welcome mat for Africans wanting to come here.  But the motherland in all her vastness, strategically broken up by europeans in the late 19th century, after having enslaved, kidnapped and tortured her people from the 15th century, and now we are in the 21st century watching a new enlightened white presence coming to africa.  Some of them come with their NGOs, and where they get all this masking money from has always remained a mystery.  Others come with their giving and helping the Africans on the ground, because something is pulling at their heart strings to help these people.

Then you have the tourists who come to see the ‘natives’.  They come with their relaxed cultural norms of stiffness and let it all hang out… literally.  Open shirts, belly’s hanging, drinking beer in the streets, smoking cigarettes like they at home.  Then you have the adventure seeking white folks because you know, they just want to see what more can they conquer?  African people are no threat to them, they are totally at ease.  There are many whites who are in Africa who work with various european or american institutions and of course that fills a void where ordinary Africans or the Diaspora just could not, and then there are the retired whites who have figured out, its far better living on the continent than it has or ever will be living in their cold conclaves of the North.

So with this influx of the relaxed and open white folks in africa, in a complexing africa that is merging more into the european world, native sons and daughters are coming home with their white wives and or husbands, bringing them to the motherland to see the real thing.  More whites are engaging with Africans on a give need basis.  Africans need something, whites want to give it, because they feel such a strong connection to all things African.  It remains a puzzling quest as to what are they planning to conquer again… oh yes, the minds of the uninitiated in Africa.  Because not everyone on the ground, especially the young people know much about the demise of their continent or country by the hands of europeans.  What they do know when they see them is, there is money and there I must try to get it.  So there is an open willingness to engage with europeans, make them feel at home, and present an almost hands off approach to them.  They don’t get stopped at the airport terminals, or by the police or by drug officials on the ground.  No they are white and get a red carpet greeting to come in Africa with all they have to offer.

In the Gambia, my repatriate home as an African of the Diaspora, I had to learn quick, we are the least in number and our Black presence is limited.  This is worrying because I have struggled to go to Africa every time, to live there and to make my business there, but I’ve always felt my success was always limited because I didn’t have a toubab in my corner.  Toubab is white person in Wolof.   Every African needs a good toubab that will assist them, send them money, help them build or whatever.  Its the African way… I’ve been pulled over by the police, I’ve been ridiculed at the airport terminal, cause I’m black, and something is very suspicious about a Black American coming to Africa.  While I lived in the Gambia, my experiences with whites were limited, for the most part I’d just see them in passing, and anytime I did see them most times they are with a native of course, guiding and driving them around, and then you see them romantically in cahoots with one, or you see them walking around/biking like roasted lobsters in the dust.  Their presence, everytime I saw them pissed me off, I had no good words to say, no good feeling seeing them there, and certainly my disdain at the brothers or sisters accommodating them was not positive either.  But its not within my control to ban white people from Africa, but if I could… I certainly would.

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